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Why Choose "Standard Container Homes"?

Welcome to “Expander Standard Container Homes,” where adaptability and innovation converge to redefine your living experience. This container house is more than just a home; it’s a canvas for your lifestyle, offering an array of possibilities for contemporary living.

Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes
Expander Standard Container Homes

Key features of expander standard

Expander Standard Container Homes
Adaptable Design
Flexible Layout Options
Affordable Luxury
Sleek Modern Aesthetics
Energy-Efficient Features
Quality Construction
Dynamic Living Spaces
Customization Options
  • The lighting system utilizes a 1.5mm power cable, meeting the standards of AS 5000.2.
  • Power points are equipped with a 2.5mm power cable, adhering to AS 500.2.
  • To prevent chemical reactions from polystyrene panels, all power cables are double insulated.
  • All power points are double pole in accordance with caravan legislation, AS 3000:2007, and 3001:2008.
  • The Electrical Distribution Board, featuring three circuits, is installed to comply with AS 60898.1.
  • Mains power can be connected to the cabin using a 15 amp extension lead.
  • Two LED oyster lights supplied adhere to the standards of AS 60598.2.1.
  • Full SAA and global-mark approvals are available upon request.
  • All plumbing connections are located on the external bathroom wall.
  • The black water connection is 100mm.
  • The grey water connection is 50mm.
  • For hot/cold water, a ½ inch nipple is required to connect the hose (poly pipe).
  • There is a dedicated hot/cold water and wastewater outlet specifically for a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Watermark certification can be provided upon request.
  • Structural frame bearer: Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) measuring 150x100x3.75mm.
  • Structural frame post: Square Hollow Section (SHS) measuring 150x150x3.0mm.
  • Container pin holders of world-class quality, made of cast iron, comply with ISO 1161 standards.
  • Floor joist: Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) measuring 50x30x1.8mm.
  • Floor bearer: Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) measuring 70x50x2.5mm.
  • All steel frame components are galvanized, epoxy coated, and finished with a gloss white paint. 50mm.
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels used for all walls, ceilings, and roof.
  • Main pod roof covered with a 3mm steel plate.
  • A comprehensive Australian structural assessment can be provided upon request.
  • 900x900mm shower enclosure with a rainmaker shower head and an adjustable shower rail.
  • Vanity featuring a porcelain sink and chrome flip mixers.
  • Full-width shower. PVC wall lining with a marble look. Shaving cabinet with a mirror. P-trap toilet with a soft-closing lid.
  • Exhaust fan.
  • The bathroom is fully equipped and ready for use once connected to services.
  • Kitchen setup includes a 1200mm long cupboard with overhead storage.
  • All cupboard doors feature soft-closing hinges.
  • Equipped with a double bowl stainless steel sink and a flip mixer. The 20mm Quartz stone bench top adds a sleek finish.
  • The kitchen is fully installed and ready for use upon connection to services.
  • Framed with aluminum.
  • Double-glazed windows with 5mm thick glass.
  • Flyscreens are installed on all windows.
  • Sliding door features an easy-to-use entry handle.
  • Vinyl flooring with a rich timber appearance.
  • PVC cornice and skirting.
  • Bathroom door equipped with frosted privacy glass and a mortice lock.
  • Bedroom doors made of timber with mortice locks.
  • Aluminium floor strips.
  • Aluminium internal trims.
  • Our studio model is essentially plug-and-play.
  • Simply level your cabin, connect to services, and you’re ready to move in.

From Vision to Reality

Celebrate sustainable living with our container house. From selecting your ideal design to project planning and construction, we’re here to turn your dream into reality. 


Select the container house that best suits your needs from our range of innovative designs, including "The Studio," "Expander Standard," and "Expander Premium."

Project Proposal

Once you've made your selection, we'll provide you with a personalized project proposal, including design details, costs, and project timelines, so you have a clear plan for your container house project.

Construction & Delivery

Our skilled team will commence construction according to the agreed plan, keeping you informed about the progress. Upon completion, we'll deliver and install your dream container home, ready for you to enjoy.

Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Living

At The Container House, we're committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. Whether you have questions about our container house products, need assistance with your project, or want to learn more about sustainable living, we're here for you. Feel free to reach out to us!